Winter Field Day

TW1AW to be on the Air for Winter Field Day

Are you interested in trying a winter Field Day.  MARA will be participating in Winter Field Day this year.  We are planning to setup at Finger Lake Campground off Bogard Road. Talk-in Freq, will be 146.43, Valley Simplex. Contact our coordinator, Chris Hamman/KL5BF if you would like to participate.  We need a list of folks who want to get into the campground by 25 Jan. Operators will be setting up as individual stations in tents or campers.  Setup time will be 0800 and on the air by 1000.

Members of the Warren County (New York) Amateur Radio Club (W2WCR) will activate Maxim Memorial Station W1AW for Winter Field Day 2021 over the January 30 – 31 weekend. Winter Field Day is sponsored by the Winter Field Day Association (WFDA), which believes that emergency communication is important throughout the year. Winter Field Day is open to radio amateurs worldwide. The WFDA’s goal is to help enhance operating skills and to prepare participants for all environmental conditions. Winter Field Day runs for 24 hours. Station set-up may start no earlier than 1900 UTC on the day before the event and may not take any longer than 24 hours in total. Expect activity on all amateur bands except 12, 17, 30, and 60 meters. All modes that can handle the required exchange are welcome; this does not include FT8. Entry categories include indoor, outdoor, and home.

Full details are on the Winter Field Day website.

Winter Field Day MARA Slide Presentation

Parks on the Air (POTA)

I wanted to send out a reminder that AK VHF+ is doing our first Parks on the Air activation tomorrow. Some of you probably received the email earlier this week (if not, let me know and I can add you to our list).

The plan is to transmit from the Glen Alps trailhead at 1030 local. If anyone wants to stop in person to see the setup you're more than welcome. We will run FT8 on 6 meters to start. Once activity on FT8 dies down we will go over to 50.125 SSB for a little bit. Antenna polarization will be horizontal in keeping with typical usage on the weak signal sub-bands.

If you don't have a dedicated 6 meter antenna you can probably use a tuner and an HF dipole to try it out. I've done that before with good success. Don't worry about gain - the station is going to be at a very high location, signals may reflect off the snow, 6 meters has VERY good diffraction around obstructions, and FT8 has excellent weak signal performance. It's free and fun, so don't miss out.

Hope to hear you on air,


ARRL Staffers to be On the Air from W1AW for Straight Key Night

Craig/KL7H, reports that tomorrow night's (New Year's Eve) Nationwide ARES Net, Maybe the Net participants could enticed to grab their old J-38 keys (link: J-38 Keys ( and start cranking out dits and dahs after the Net is over.

Special Bulletin 16  ARLX016
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT  December 30, 2020
To all radio amateurs

ARLX016 ARRL Staffers to be On the Air from W1AW for Straight Key

Members of the ARRL Headquarters staff will put W1AW on the air for
Straight Key Night (SKN). Set some time aside on New Year's Eve and
New Year's Day to take part in this annual ARRL tradition.

Information on Straight Key Night can be found at, .

SKN begins at 0000 UTC on January 1, 2021 (New Year's Eve in US time
zones) and wraps up at 2359 UTC. Not a contest, SKN is dedicated to
celebrating amateur radio's Morse code heritage. Bring out the
brass, get on the air, and enjoy casual CW contacts, preferably
using a straight key (hand key) or a semi-automatic key (bug).
Activity traditionally centers on CW segments in the HF bands (W1AW
will focus on 80, 40, and 20 meters).

Submit via email your SKN list of stations contacted and your votes
for "Best Fist" and "Most Interesting QSO" by January 31 to, .


The Section Exercise will be Dec 5 from 0900 to 1400

The scenario is to follow Santa as he travels across Alaska.  All modes will be allowed also relays.   We will use WinLink, voice, CW and any other method that works.   All messages will begin and end with EXERCISE, EXERCISE so we don't upset any folks who might see the messages.  Please use radiogram or ICS formats.

I would appreciate any messages being copied to my station when possible.  While this is a fun exercise it is also very important as we will be testing all our methods and links.  We will also have new amateurs on the system who might need your assistance.  We may also have new amateurs trying out new pieces of equipment.  This is a prototype for how we will operate in the event of an actual emergency.

KL7EDK AND KL7JFU will be the hubs.  All traffic intended for the SEOC will go to KL7JFU  - NO EXCEPTIONS.  KL7JFU will act as the SEOC and only the SEOC will have the authority to activate any military units so all requests for military assistance will need to go to KL7JFU.

All H/W traffic will go to the Special Opps group manned by AL7N either via CW or Winlink.  These can be real messages to friends and families.

If sending real traffic please write:  complete address, phone number, and email address and sign with your full name, callsign, and location so there is a better chance of getting them delivered.

If sending messages to "agencies" please write a complete address, phone number and email address and add your phone number and email address to your signature.

You may put messages that indicate that Santa needs assistance with the reindeer, sled etc.  Or Mrs. Claus needs to get a message to Santa somewhere along his route and include the message.  Keep it clean!!  We would appreciate weather forecasts and reports that Santa is likely to encounter or for the military should they need to be activated.  You might want to arrange a "filling station" for the reindeer along the route.  It will be a long ride.

Storm Damage Reporting

The National Weather Service needs are help, whether you are a ham, weather spotter or an individual who seen storm situations and damage they may of caused.  The below link is the short report you can fill out and send to the weather station in your area, be it Anchorage or Fairbanks.

This is valuable information, especially if a dollar value can be added to the damage assessments (realistic not just inflated for effect).  There is a section in the storm report page just for high winds.



Alaska SKYWARN Manager


It is a sad day that it has been reported that Hap/KL7UPS is now a Silent Key.  Karl A Wurlitzer, better known to his friends as Hap, passed away from a short illness.  Hap was an avid ham and long time member to various nets around the state, AP Net, Snipers Net, Bush Net, Motely Net.  He was Located at Hatcher Pass, 3,000 ft. elevation above timberline, in the Southern Talkeetna Mountains.  Within the Independence Mine State Historical Park.  About 25 miles by road from Palmer or Wasilla, Alaska.

Hap ran a 100 watts to a dipole or a Windom.  He managed and ran the Hatcher Pass Lodge which ran off the grid using a 12 Kw Kubota diesel generator. Operator Hap.  Born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1937.  He will be missed.