MARA 2023 Field Day (COMPLETED)

Ham Radio Field Day 2023v1

Ok MARA Field Day in going on this year.  Sean Mckenney/KL5NE will be in charge. .  Please contact Sean to volunteer and give him a hand in setting up.  This is great time practice portable setup and have fun contacting folks around world and lower 48.


Field Day is always the fourth full weekend of June, beginning at 1800 UTC Saturday and running through 2059 UTC Sunday.

Field Day 2023 is June 24-25.  Check with Sean for his final plan.


Check Field Day (  for all the rules.

Annual ARRL Field Day Update & Planning - 04/26/2023 - YouTube

Four Field Day Generators - YouTube

ARRL Field Day Safety - Ham Radio Q&A - YouTube



The location I will be using is just north of the intersection of Glenn Highway and Palmer-Fishhook intersection on the east side of the road there is a large pull off that overlooks that Matanuska River, my thought is to set up in the grassy area and have some sign by the road that would indicate 'Ham Radio' or 'Ham Radio Field Day'.


For those who would like to run field day from home or other remote sites, look over the rules.  You would need to be at least a general class to run the site.  I would also recommend at least 2 people great time to get the family into the mix.


Everyone please take care and have fun.




MARA Producing Training Videos

Ken/KL2HF would like to see the club get together and produce some instructional videos. If anyone has a subject that they think they would like to present or participate in, I would like to know about it and we can see if we can  plan and arrange for a video recording on the subject.

We have two pan, scan, zoom video conference cameras, and there are some web cameras that can be used.

Not everybody can be in the same place at the same time so it would be nice to have some videos that Ham operators could go to for demonstrations and learning, plus it would make our club look really good.

The video with George Strother soldering coax cable is an example of what we might be able to do.

Looking for feedback.  Contact Ken KL2HF