Statewide Quarterly Comex

HARVEST MOON Quarterly Statewide COMEX

Our Section Emergency Coordinate (SEC), Linda/AD4BL has set September 26th 0900-1400 for our next Comm Exercise.  We will continue to train on new Winlink Forms and Message Handling.  Folks are encouraged to deploy with there go kits to test various location around the Borough as to the efficiency of our network.  We will have VHF, UHF and 220 available thru EARS Station on JBERS.  VHF thru Bushmaster Operations.  HF to Fairbanks/KL7EDK, Anchorage/KL7NMC, and Soldotna/KL7GRM.  All modes will be available depending on the station you connect too, Packet, VARA, and PACTOR.  Winmor will no longer be used.  Any questions, training or assistance in setting up your station, go box or equipment please contact Don/KL7JFT.  I will need some assistance at the Bushmaster Comm Center.  We can also setup Zoom or Free Conference Call to do the training and during the operation to tie you in.  If you have DMR, we can start using that for Coordination around the state on TG 3102.

Exercise Scenario:  Hunting season is upon us with hunters all around the central part of the state are the field and isolated.  Weather has changed and severe blizzards are occurring, weather has closed in and planes are grounded.  Winds up to  50 MPH.  There is a lost musher in Anaktuvuk Pass area.  Hypothermia is a major concern and planned pickup of hunters requiring air extraction can not be accomplished.  Fairbanks Memorial Hospital is the nearest facility and Covid procedures are in affect.  The SEOC is coordinating rescue efforts with the Air National Guard.  Report any information that will be helpful in rescue of the hunters.