Licensing FAQ, Location to Take the Test & Pre-Test Requirements

How much does licensing cost?

The club charges nothing for testing or classes.  The FCC does charge for processing some of the licenses.

New Licensee Reimbursement Policy


How hard is it to get a Ham Radio License?

In general, radio communications is a pretty complicated subject, one that’s impossible to cover in a single article. That being said, the licensing process itself is actually pretty easy.

Over the last decade, the testing process has been simplified. Some of the past requirements, such as learning Morse code, are no longer required to obtain a license. Anyone, with a little bit of practice, can get their license.

How do I Start?

The Technician class license is the entry-level license for new ham radio operators. From there you can upgrade your license to one of the other two license classes. General, this license will allow you to operate on all of the Bands in the technician class and allows you increased privileges on the HF bands. Once you have passed the General License you can upgrade to the Highest class which is Extra Class. This License gives you full privileges to all of the radio spectrum allocated to ham radio operators.

What does the test cover?

To earn the Technician or General license, you need to pass a 35 question examination. The test covers basic radio theory, FCC regulations, and basic operating practices. The license allows you to access the  VHF, UHF and some of the HF bands. The Extra Class is a 50 question test on more advance electronics, radio theory, antenna construction, and rules and regulations.


What do I Need and Where Can I Take the Test?

Our VE sessions are back on line. The will be on the 4th Saturday of every month at 7 P.M..  We do have some YouTube Videos that follow the Gordon West Text if you would like to study ahead.  Refer to the below locations. Contact Don/KL7JFT if you would like the link for the YouTube Video or refer to our Training page on this website.

Now that Covid-19 is slowing down, we have had to implement some new rules for testing, masks are optional and keeping separated at the testing site is still in force.  The VEs will go over that with the applicants.   The testing location is now at the Wasilla Senior Center at 1301 Century Cir, Wasilla Ak  Refer to the below map.  Contact Ken/KL2HF to arrange to attend.

Prerequisites for testing and what the test are require video.

Other new rule changes implemented by the FCC are in the attached PDF.  Please note mainly you must have a FRN and a email address to test.  An FRN, or FCC registration number, is a 10-digit number that is assigned to all businesses and individuals conducting business with the FCC. The FCC will use the FRN to determine if all of a registrant's fees have been paid. You must register with the Commission prior to filing applications in ULS License Manager. If you need assistance contact Ken or Don.  The initial FCC charge for folks 18 and under will be reimbursed by the club.  Taking the test will cost you nothing.  If you purchase the study book from us and pass your test or the class, we will reimburse you the cost of it.

What the R_O Change Means