Licensing FAQ

How much does licensing cost?

Nothing! Licensing is free, you just have to pass a test and then you will be licensed.

How hard is it to get a Ham Radio License?

In general, radio communications is a pretty complicated subject, one that’s impossible to cover in a single article. That being said, the licensing process itself is actually pretty easy.

Over the last decade, the testing process has been simplified. Some of the past requirements, such as learning Morse code, are no longer required to obtain a license. Anyone, with a little bit of practice, can get their license.

How do I Start?

The Technician class license is the entry-level license for new ham radio operators. From there you can upgrade your license to one of the other two license classes. General, this license will allow you to operate on all of the Bands in the technician class and allows you increased privileges on the HF bands. Once you have passed the General License you can upgrade to the Highest class which is Extra Class. This License gives you full privileges to all of the radio spectrum allocated to ham radio operators.

What does the test cover?

To earn the Technician & General Class license, you need to pass a 35 question examination. The test covers basic radio theory, FCC regulations, and basic operating practices. The Tech license allows you to access the  VHF, UHF and some of the HF bands.  The General Test allows all Tech privilege’s and HF frequencies, per part 97.  The Extra Class license cover radio theory, FCC regulations, antenna designs, operating practices and some advance electronics.  It allows you all privilege’s and frequencies authorized for amateur use, per part 97.

Where can I take a license test?

MARA conducts testing every fourth Saturday of the month at AmVets Post #9 off the Wasilla/Fishhook Rd at 7pm.  A map is posted on the www. website. You can check our calendar for scheduled test dates. Bring ID, copy of our license if your are upgrading and your FRN# from the FCC, if this is your first license.  For questions please contact Ken Hudson KL2HF our VEC coordinator at