Winter Field Day 2024 (Completed)

2024 Winter Field Day

As we have all read on other posts, Brandon has done a wonderful job in the past getting this event off and running..

This year we are going to be assisting the Palmer Jr. Middle School (PJMS) get their club and station off the ground and open up ham radio to a whole new bunch of youngster.  So how better to accomplish this but to have a great ham get together to show them how much fun this will be for them.

The equipment has been selected and funding as been provided by a school grant.  MARA will be the Elmer to help them get their licenses build their station and train them in the use of ham radio.

So to demonstrate one aspect and introduce them to a new hobby, we will be conducting Winter Field Day on Jan 27th at 1000 in their building and parking lot.  Their counsellor will be William Crumb, KL5LD.  A new technician and and their math and science teacher.   So let Ken/KL2HF know if you like to participate in the operation.  You don't have to have any equipment.  This  is a great opportunity for the new hams to a basic setup and equipment they may be interested in.

We've provided a link to the Winter Field Day site so folks can see what the whole system is like to conduct one..

Winter Field Day