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We're taking orders for the large Club patches; we need 18 orders and payment to place an order for 25, the club will by the number above 18.  They are $48 each.  I have one order at this time.  It will take about 4 weeks for them to get here once the order is placed.  Also anyone desiring club cup orders just let me know and I'll put them on order and will have them at the next meeting after the end of that month.  They are $18 each.

We also have club stickers, Decals and patches for $5 each. Also T-Shirts, for sale $16 each.

Contact Don, KL7JFT dbush@gci.net

Rohn 25 tower.  70 feet with top section and Hazer,  Located in Soldotna, needs to be taken down.  Contact KL7N, 209 712 8937, voice or text.

Marty/KL7AM and quite a bit of excellent ham equipment on his website forsale.  Go to https://kl7am.com.  Contact information is on the web site.

Craig/KL7H, is helping a brand new ham in Nevada get a Kenwood TS-2000 for his base station. Contact Craig at craig_bledsoe@outlook. You'll recall that we did that mass purchase a couple of years ago from the broker in Norfolk, Virginia, which many of the MARA members signed up for.  I would like to find out if any of these folks now have "buyer's remorse" and are interested in unloading their TS-2000s to a new ham.  I can take care of the southbound airlift, of course.

Rich/KL4RCS Has 2 or 3 Astron SS-18 power supplies.  13.8VDC, 18Amp ics 33% Duty Cycle, 15 Amp Continuous 115/230VAC.  $75.00 each OBO

Contact at kl4rcs@gmail.com


W7HMV, who is head of ARES for the State of Nevada has a Kenwood TS480, antenna tuner, a Heil Pro 7 headset with foot switch, an Icom speaker, a Nifty Mini-Manual along with the Kenwood manual, and finally an add-on 500Hz IF filter for CW and a 1.8kHz IF filter for voice.   Craig/KL7H can possibly assist in transporting to Alaska.

He purchased the radio new and it has been indoors the entire time.  

Asking $450.

Bill Smith, W7HMV


KT-100 Tuner


It’s a Yaseu FT-70D with a spare battery, manual  and charger.  It can be programmed with

CHIRP.  Les/KL0OG lives in Palmer.  Unit has had very little use and in great shape.  New they

run around $348.00.  I have 2 email addresses.  rfnome@gci.net and rfn@fsgrassvalley.com .

Local number is 907-205-4021.  No reasonable offer refused, but must be licensed ham operator.



  • Adjustable power up to 200 watts
  • Five Direct Digital Synthesizers
  • QRM Rejection Systems
  • 100 Memories
  • Optimized Digital Communications Modes
  • Simultaneous Dual (Unlimited) Frequency Reception
  • Flexible Mode and IF Filter
  • Automatic Antenna Tuner with 39 memories
  • Special Features for CW Operation
  • Enhanced Integration = Simplified Control

The new Yaesu FT-1000D was designed sparing no effort or expense for optimum performance and operability. The FT-1000 is the fruit of over 25,000 man-hours of intensive research and development by Yaesu's top design engineers. Instead of merely offering incremental improvements on existing designs or adding bells and whistles to an old model, the FT-1000 project involves a wholly new approach to the application of the latest digital and RF technologies to today's most demanding needs of the HF bands.

Extensive surface-mount component technology allowed six microprocessors and five Direct Digital Synthesizers to be harmoniously integrated with a simple operator interface into a highly reliable full-featured HF application. The quad conversion (triple for FM) receiver covers 100 kHz to 30 MHz. With MH-1C8 hand mic.

The basic FT-1000 does not have the following options included in the FT-1000D model: BFP1, TCXO1, XF-B, XF-C, XF-D, XF-E.

Asking $1000 for it or trade for an Icom 756 pro 2.  Contact Ken WL7PI 907-671-1749



Complete Ham Radio Station with KW Amplifier for Sale

I have the following equipment for sale which was my backup station and has had very few hours in service.

The purchaser should not need anything other than coax, power source, and an antenna to get on the air.

  1. Yaesu FT-847 all mode, all band 100 watt transceiver with no modifications and including satellite capability.

This unit is cosmetically perfect and as near mint as you can get.  Covers 160 meters through 70 cm.

Operates on SSB, AM, CW, FM, and of course the digital modes.

  1. Heathkit SB-200 Amplifier.  Also cosmetically very nice.  Almost all published mods are incorporated.  Runs

1200 watts input and covers 10 meters thru 80 meters.  Tubes are in good condition.

  1. Astron 12 VDC 20 amp power supply for the transceiver.
  2. Original box and factory manual for the Yaesu FT-847 along with all cables and the handheld microphone.
  3. Interface to control the SB-200 amplifier is included.
  4. Also includes a good spare set of 572B amplifier tubes.
  5. Heathkit SWR bridge.

8   Roller Inductors and transmitting variable capacitors to build a high power antenna tuner.

Delivered price for the entire station is $1200 or your best offer.

A purchaser in Southern Nevada (Amargosa, Pahrump, or Las Vegas) will have the equipment delivered directly.

A purchaser in Alaska will have the equipment airlifted from McCarran to Anchorage or Fairbanks and then delivered

via surface transportation from the port of entry to the new owner's QTH.


Thanks and 73,

Jerry Sobel, R.Ph.  KØMBB

E-Mail: arsk0mbb@aol.com

Complete HF Go-Box for Sale

Go Kit consisting of an IC-7200 HF transceiver plus the companion LDG antenna tuner.

The 7200s are built very rugged.  It has hardly been used as it was in my foam-padded GO KIT case most of the time I have had it.   It is in excellent condition.   It comes with the neat carry handles, hand microphone, an LDG outboard antenna tuner and a Heil headset combo w/foot pedal.  Also included are the manuals for both the 7200 and the LDG tuner plus a NIFTY Mini-manual.  I purchased it in 2018 and I  am asking $650 for the entire inventory.   If you are interested, please e-mail me at w7hmv@cox.net.  Equipment will be airlifted to Alaskan buyers by KL4E at no charge.


Bill, W7HMV


Contact  Don Craig  N0SUB    795-5215

DXEngineering has it listed new for $995. I would like to get $700.00. It is as good as new.

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