Mat Valley Statistics

Total Cases      118

Palmer               35

Wasilla               65

Willow                 9

Big Lake              6

Houston              1

Talkeetna             2

In Hospital           5

Recovered         46

Active Cases      70

Deaths                  2



0596_001 Health Alert 9.1 - Out of State Travel






Mandate 5.1 – Elective Procedures




SOA March 20 COVID-19 Health Mandate 007 Fairbanks & Ketchikan Personal Care

008 Public & Private Schools Suspended through May 1

Updated Procedures for Coronavirus Disease 2019 COVID-19 Testing in Alaska


COVID_SOE report form

SOA March 23 COVID-19 Health Mandate 009 Personal Care Services & Gatherings Statewide


SOA March 23 COVID-19 Health Mandate 010 International and Interstate Travel, Order for Self Quarantine

Health Mandate 10.1 – International and Interstate Travel – Order for Self-Quarantine


SOA March 27 COVID_19 Health Mandate 011 Social Distancing

COVID_MANDATE- 12_AlaskaSmallCommunityEmergencyTravelOrder_AttachmentB


PUBLIC HEALTH ALERT Severe Illness Associated with Using Non-Pharmaceutical Chloroquine Phosphate to Prevent and Treat COVID-19

Community Message Alaska Attorney General Reminds the Public to Be Aware of Unscrupulous Scams Linked to Covid-19 Situation

Studded Tire Deadline Temporarily Suspended

Health Alert 010 – Recommendations Regarding the Use of Cloth Face Coverings

Health Alert 011 – Safety Guidelines for Religious Services


SOA April 9 COVID-19 Health Mandate 013 K-12 Public and Private Schools

SOA April 13 COVID-19 Health Mandate 014 Non-Congregate Sheltering Order

SOA April 15 COVID-19 Health Mandate 015 Services by Health Care Providers

SOA April 22 COVID-19 Health Mandate 016 Reopen Alaska Responsibly Plan Phase I-A

SOA April 23 COVID-19 Health Mandate 017 Protective Measures for Independent Commercial Fishing Vessels

MARA September 12th Hamfest  (Rescheduled from May)

We have rescheduled or annual Hamfest for Sept 12th Saturday 0900 setup and open 1000-1600 firm date will follow.  Have found a venue for the hamfest.  It will be at the Valley Church of Christ in Wasilla near Home Depot  at 2061 N Merciful Cir.  We also are beginning to gather door prizes and look for ideas for programs or seminars.  Coordinate your door prizes thru Pam/KL3PAM and you can get your tax receipt for the donation and letter of introduction from her.  Make sure you get a business card from them so we can post it on our web site.


VE Testing Schedule Change for June and July

We normally have VE testing at the Wasilla Red Cross off of WestPoint Dr.  We do have some YouTube Videos that follow the Gordon West Text if you would like to study ahead.  Refer to the below locations and time for the summer schedule. Contact Don/KL7JFT if you would like the link.

Due to summer activity schedules we will be having our normal VE testing at different locations.  For June 27th we will have the testing Session 10-12 at the the new Houston Fire Dept at the end of the Technician Class.  Follow the map in the Tech Class Posting above.  For the July 25th testing session, it will be held at the MARA July Picnic at Lucille Lake Recreation Area Pavilion #1, at 1400-1500.  Contact Ken/KL2HF if you would like to test.

General Meeting

MARA General Meetings are suspended due to summer activities, will start up again in August.  Enjoy the summer

Why is Ham Radio Still Important? (Updated)

In an age where communication is often taken for granted, it’s easy to overlook the importance of Ham Radio.  In during our present situation it may become more important than folks realize.  Across the nation, lines of communications are becoming stretched.  Hams around the the world are training, testing, practicing various types and modes of ham radio, to be ready.

I often receive questions like: “Why do I need Ham Radio when I have a cell phone?” or “Didn’t the internet kill Ham Radio?” While these modern forms of communication may have shifted the attention away from Ham Radio, by no means did it make it unnecessary. In fact, during a disaster, it’s very likely that these modern forms of communication will be the first ones to fail.

The number one reason for preparedness minded people to consider Ham Radio is its reliability during times of crisis. Since the early 1900s, this form of communication has reliably made it through every major crisis, disaster, and emergency situation with flying colors. When all other forms of communication fail, Hams are often the ones who are called upon to help communicate in and out of the disaster zone.

When the grid goes down, the Ham Bands will still be alive and very active.


To all Alaska Hams with a call sign License Plate

The State DMV is sending out yellow cards to those people needing to re-register their plates. The card indicates you can register online. However, for those that have ham radio plates you can't do it online. It has to be done at a DMV office. I have included below what one administer sent me.

I would advise that those re-registering their plates to take what Karina Garces-Pellon sent to me so if there are any questions, you have some backup. She is from the Anchorage DMV

I’ve included our Vehicle Transaction Application (Form 812) for the renewal, you will need to

  • State on form 812 that you’re requesting Amateur Radio Exemption by checking the box “Other” and writing in the Amateur Radio (AR)
  • Make the following statement in the Affidavit section on the application “This vehicle meets the requirements outlined in AS 28.10.421 (d) (8) (A) & (B) and I qualify for free registration under this statute.”
  • Copy of current FCC License
  • Folks need to understand they need a 5 Band HF radio installed in the vehicle with Antenna and power connection.

Click here for the Vehicle Transaction Application (Form 812)


For older vehicles, Claude N7FXX reports, since it’s an older vehicle he bypassed the “free” renewal and changed categories to “old” and “vanity” so now I’m permanent, no renewal. Cost me a little up front but now all seven of my legacy vehicles are “P” designated.


MARA members, if you know of a member who needs cheering up because they have lost a loved one, or are laid up with illness or injury, or if someone is in the hospital, please let one of us know. We would love to send a ray of sunshine in their direction.


Help us spread the cheer. Donations are always appreciated and can be made at the general meeting or directly to Tabitha or Pam.


Contact Tabitha at (best way), or text or phone 907-414-2281.

Pam at, or 907-376-9281.