There is no General Meeting for the month of July.

UPDATE:  The schedualed testing for July has also been canceled. The room could not be booked and the borough is currently having some computer issues that prevent us from booking the room.



Silent Keys

Kent Mosher KL7WTF, passed away at 0830 on September 27th 2018. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Cathy and all the family!

Mike Soltis WL7BKN, passed away from injuries suffered by bear mauling on June 20.

On July 21st Jake Warner, KL0UO became a silent key. 

On Tuesday June 12th Bruce McCormick, KL7BM passed away at 0447. He was 71 and will be missed.

On Saturday June 2nd Dick Eastman KL3TNT passed away peacefully. Dick was a good friend to many of us and he will be missed by all.





Why is Ham Radio Still Important?

In an age where communication is often taken for granted, it’s easy to overlook the importance of Ham Radio.

I often receive questions like: “Why do I need Ham Radio when I have a cell phone?” or “Didn’t the internet kill Ham Radio?” While these modern forms of communication may have shifted the attention away from Ham Radio, by no means did it make it unnecessary. In fact, during a disaster, it’s very likely that these modern forms of communication will be the first ones to fail.

The number one reason for preparedness minded people to consider Ham Radio is its reliability during times of crisis. Since the early 1900s, this form of communication has reliably made it through every major crisis, disaster, and emergency situation with flying colors. When all other forms of communication fail, Hams are often the ones who are called upon to help communicate in and out of the disaster zone.

When the grid goes down, the Ham Bands will still be alive and very active.

Quarterly Statewide Comex

Saturday June 9th from 0900 - 1300 will be the Quarterly Statewide Comex. Bushmaster Operation's will be activated and they will need operators for HF and VHF. All classes of license are welcomed and they will be teaching message and logging procedures. Also they will be teaching the use of Winlink for sending and receiving traffic. Please contact Don KL7JFT if you can attend.

VHF Contest

There will be a VHF Contest being held on Saturday June 9th 2018. There will be folks up on various VHF frequencies. Home stations and rovers will be around the state trying to make contacts.

Click Here for more info

2018 Sutton Emergency Preparedness Fair

Saturday June 16th  from 11am to 3pm at the Alpine Historical Park and Sutton Library.

11301 Chickaloon Way

Sutton, AK 99674

Click Here for more info


MARA members, if you know of a member who needs cheering up because they have lost a loved one, or are laid up with illness or injury, or if someone is in the hospital, please let one of us know. We would love to send a ray of sunshine in their direction.


Help us spread the cheer. Donations are always appreciated and can be made at the general meeting or directly to Tabitha or Pam.


Contact Tabitha at (best way), or text or phone 907-414-2281.

Pam at, or 907-376-9281.