The MARA Christmas Party will be held on the 31st of December from 1500 to 1800, at the Chickaloon Tribal Council Government Bldg meeting room in Sutton.

This is located at 16166 N Glenn Hwy.  Map is below.  This will be a potluck dinner, main course will be Ham.  Please bring a side dish or dessert.  We will be having our famous Chinese Auction.  Remember please no boat anchors, please rap, and gifts not to exceed $25.00.  The Ham of the Year will be announced.

Christmas Party Google Map Link



Please send your nominations to the Club Secretary.  Ham of the Year and Elmer details are listed on the web link and are due by the 1st of December.

GOTA Training

We are starting up another program thanks to the suggestion from AMY/KL5BB.  Folks may be familiar with the term “GOTA”.   This comes from Field Day.  Get On The Air.  We are going to be conducting training for hams to assist them in get their stations on the air and learn what ham radio is all about.  It will be slanted to the new hams mainly but anyone one can come.  It will be held at Houston Fire Station 9-2 located at 990 S. Kenlar Rd,  (Map to Station 9-2) Off the Parks Hwy. We have seats for about 16 folks.  It will be held on the 3rd Saturday evening each month. 6 P.M.-8 P.M. We have 12 different programs which will be lined out for you on the first training session 21 Aug. They will be posted on the club’s website calendar. Contact John Mears/AL7LA for additional info and if you are going to attend.


Slide presentation on how to prepare yourself and family for emergencies, based on Alaska prior situations.

Ham Radio and Response Preparedness

By Chris Hamman/KL5BF


To all Alaska Hams with a call sign License Plate

The State DMV is sending out yellow cards to those people needing to re-register their plates. The card indicates you can register online. However, for those that have ham radio plates you can't do it online. It has to be done at a DMV office. I have included below what one administer sent me.

I would advise that those re-registering their plates to take what Karina Garces-Pellon sent to me so if there are any questions, you have some backup. She is from the Anchorage DMV

I’ve included our Vehicle Transaction Application (Form 812) for the renewal, you will need to

  • State on form 812 that you’re requesting Amateur Radio Exemption by checking the box “Other” and writing in the Amateur Radio (AR)
  • Make the following statement in the Affidavit section on the application “This vehicle meets the requirements outlined in AS 28.10.421 (d) (8) (A) & (B) and I qualify for free registration under this statute.”
  • Copy of current FCC License
  • Folks need to understand they need a 5 Band HF radio installed in the vehicle with Antenna and power connection.

Click here for the Vehicle Transaction Application (Form 812)


For older vehicles, Claude N7FXX reports, since it’s an older vehicle he bypassed the “free” renewal and changed categories to “old” and “vanity” so now I’m permanent, no renewal. Cost me a little up front but now all seven of my legacy vehicles are “P” designated.


MARA members, if you know of a member who needs cheering up because they have lost a loved one, or are laid up with illness or injury, or if someone is in the hospital, please let one of us know. We would love to send a ray of sunshine in their direction.


Help us spread the cheer. Donations are always appreciated and can be made at the general meeting or directly to Tabitha or Pam.


Contact Tabitha at (best way), or text or phone 907-414-2281.

Pam at, or 907-376-9281.