Presidents Corner


As we start into the new year MARA has many exciting events planned for this year.

The first one is a partnership with Palmer Junior Middle School (PJMS) which is starting an amateur radio club for the students. William Crume KL5LD, a faculty member of PJMS is the sponsor of the club says that the purpose of the club is to introduce the students to amateur radio and provide classes for the students to obtain their technician license. Currently the school is in the process of purchasing the equipment that was requested, and once that equipment has arrived, he will need help with the installation. He has asked that MARA help with teaching some of the classes like antenna building, electrical safety, RF safety, and anything related to amateur radio. We would also like to have folks that are available to assist in providing QSO’s on HF/VHF/UHF, packet, DMR, and D-Star. Scott KL7SLM and Don KL7JFT are the MARA points of contact and will be helping William with the club and scheduling of the volunteers.

The next one is Winter Field Day which is January 27-28. We are looking for folks to come out and help operate, this event works just like Field Day and is a lot of fun. We are looking at PJMS so that we can have students from the school’s club come out and see how we operate. The point of contact will be Brandon KL7BSC

Since Montley Group Picnic is scheduled for some time in the fall MARA will conduct Field Day which will June 29-30 this year. We are looking for someone to be the point of contact for this event to plan the location and equipment that will be needed.

These are just some of the events that the board is planning for this year, however we need your help to make sure that these events are fun and successful. Also, if you are new to the hobby or want to learn more about the different facets of the hobby these events are the best way to get on the air and learn something new.


Scott McCormick

MARA President