Presidents Corner

Club year November – October 2021

President’s Corner
I am happy to serve another term as your president. I have a fantastic board to work with, and I look forward to helping plan all the activities our busy club does in the coming year. Last spring, Covid arrived like a major solar flare to our plans, and we haven’t been able to do all the things we like to do. However, the club continues to grow and we have been able to find some work-arounds. During the summer, we held testing sessions in a parking lot, and we’ve been meeting on Zoom. If we put our minds to it, I think we can find other solutions to the limitations imposed by the ‘rona. If you have any ideas about activities or work-arounds, please share them
with us. 
Pandemics have been around as long as people have, but this is a first for us, and I think the ham radio community has the potential to come up with some great ideas for carrying on. After all, we continually come up with new technologies and better ways to use our band privileges.