Presidents Corner

Club year November – October 2020

I am Tabitha Sherman, KL4FZ. I’ve been a ham since spring of 2016, and recently upgraded to Amateur Extra. My main interest in becoming a ham is emergency communications. I also like to encourage others, especially young people, to get involved in the hobby. I have worked as a special education assistant at Colony High School for the past 16 years. I am involved in ARES and CERT, and recently became a VE (volunteer examiner).

I live on Lazy Mountain overlooking the silty, glacier-fed Matanuska River, and directly south of the former correctional facility. The view is fantastic, and the radio reception is excellent. We have several “home-brew” antennas protruding from the cabin. With those, and my Kenwood TS-480, I have reached far-flung places such as Siberia and South Korea. I have ‘inherited’ the leadership of a fantastic club. If you go to the ARRL website and look for the article on healthy clubs, you’ll find a checklist. I believe MARA can put a check mark in every box. I look forward to a full slate of activities, including Hamfest, Field Day, the MARA picnic, and so much more.