It is a sad day that it has been reported that Hap/KL7UPS is now a Silent Key.  Karl A Wurlitzer, better known to his friends as Hap, passed away from a short illness.  Hap was an avid ham and long time member to various nets around the state, AP Net, Snipers Net, Bush Net, Motely Net.  He was Located at Hatcher Pass, 3,000 ft. elevation above timberline, in the Southern Talkeetna Mountains.  Within the Independence Mine State Historical Park.  About 25 miles by road from Palmer or Wasilla, Alaska.

Hap ran a 100 watts to a dipole or a Windom.  He managed and ran the Hatcher Pass Lodge which ran off the grid using a 12 Kw Kubota diesel generator. Operator Hap.  Born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1937.  He will be missed.