With the sunspot cycle climbing and propagation returning (slowly) it may be nearing the time to reactivate the QRP club.  These days we have Zoom and other options.  We used to have monthly meetings here in Anchorage but perhaps Zoom will be a better choice for now.

So…what could we do?  A few ideas…

  • Have Zoom meetings
  • Have show and tell time
  • Programs…short ones about antennas, propagation and building stuff plus more
  • Build kits together.  Start small and work up
  • Make QRP to QRP schedules with other Alaska QRPers
  • If needed make 100 watt contacts, too.  Depends on propagation.
  • Have monthly competitions for most miles per watt or for longest distance
  • Maybe, just maybe a CW net but nets get a bit onerous after a while.
  • Share websites, technical sites and other related materials.
  • Some of us might get on DMR to chat as well as Zoom.
  • Start up a mail reflector for Alaska QRP members.
  • Get my 10 meter QRP beacon back up and running.
  • Other ideas?

 I do have a paid Zoom account so these ideas could be implemented.

Your thoughts or ideas?  Feedback?

73, Jim, AL7FS


Jim Larsen


Anchorage Alaska

Where’s Santa Quarterly Comex

Jerry KL7EDK talked to us about using the RMS without connecting to the internet. Jerry has the only hybrid station in Alaska. If the internet is down, his RMs will attempt to forward the traffic automatically via HF to an RMS that has internet. If you are sending via VHF the RMS will hold the traffic for the intended station to pick it up. The forwarding may take about 20 mins. Another method which is the fastest is peer 2 peer and works the best in Alaska. Both stations need to be in peer 2 peer mode on the same frequency.

Radio does not use the internet but takes longer. Must be delivered to the station it is being sent to an RMS but is a more secure method. Jerry will put the RMS in HF forwarding mode for the exercise.

Dean KC7FWK in Delta is working on setting up a Hybrid station which would really be good for Alaska.

The article I sent a bit ago was presented on the call by Ralph in Cordova. Seems there is a clean area east of Cordova which rarely has earthquakes and they are watching it pretty closely because they are concerned it might generate a big quake.

December exercise is on the 11th from 0900 to 1400. Theme is tracking Santa.  We will be using our skills to learn how to send traffic outside of the internet.  Using Voice, CW, and Winlink P2P methods.  All the rules we have been working with will be observed.  Reference MARA Operating & Winlink SOP v6 found on the www.kl7jft.org ARES web site.

AL7N, KL7IDA and KL7ST are going to work on the CW traffic.  AL7N does traffic watch on 7113 and 3940 during the day and would love any kind of traffic to send out.

Linda AD4BL


2021 Motely Picnic

Motely Picnic for June planning is out. Larry/AL7LW reports:


Greetings, Amateur radio operators:

The 39th annual Alaska Motley Group picnic will be held at the Tolsona Wilderness Campground June 24th thru 27th.

The campground owners are now accepting reservations.  Look at the website (www.tolsonacampground.com ) and call or email now to reserve your space.

RV campsites are $30 per night for picnic attendees.  Inform the campground owners the size of your RV and that you will be there for the Motley Group picnic.

All campsites are along Tolsona creek and include electricity and water and there are showers, laundry and other amenities.

All Ham operators are welcome; tell your Ham friends.

Motley Group moderators are encouraged to "talk it up."  I would like to see 100 attendees; our record so far is 83.

Later this spring we will be distributing a picnic flyer outlining planned activities.

Larry, AL7LW

January Update

Things to ponder and prepare for emergency situations.  Keep your fuel tanks to at least 3/4s of a tank.  Have your go boxes, put together and ready to go.  Emergency rations, water, medications, warm clothing and things for your pets.  If you have a fire place is it working, do you have wood, when was the chimney last cleaned?  Do you have an emergency generator with spare fuel?  Have spare batteries for flashlights and small items on hand.  Have a bag with your radios ready to go.  Please give some thought to getting operational on Winlink and both VHF and HF as your license permits.  You will want to have spare water filters on hand, also air filters for your vehicles, in case we have volcanic activity.  Join our ARES Net on Thursday nights at 2000 on either 147.33 or 147.30.  This will allow you to test out your equipment and antennas.  We have various themes each week to evaluate your capabilities.  HT and Cross banding, Mobile operations, checking radio paths from Red Cross and Salvation Army locations, radio go boxes. Pet emergency plans, backup power.  Let’s help each other and be ready for the next possible event.  If you need assistance, check out the club web page, were we list our Elmers.

MARA will be having our before the meeting lunch at Denali Restaurant just north of  Wasilla, Thursday prior to the regular meeting.  Real good Alaska food.  See you there.

We are starting to get our meeting programs together and ready for this next year.  Please send your suggestion for programs or if you have a programs you would like to share, to our VP Bridget/KL4B the program coordinator.  Our January program will be on upcoming programs.

With the first of the year here our Club Dues are due.  Please check with the Treasure John/KL1XM to make sure you are up to date on your contact info. You can get a copy of the club application on the www.kl7jfu.com website and email to him and you also can pay your dues thru the website.  You can join ARRL thru the club as well, remember ARRL supports ham radio throughout the US with programs like LOTW, training material, reference books, contesting, building projects, new equipment evaluations, lobbying for frequencies and tower ordinances, equipment insurance and supporting club activities.  Please let the treasure know if you have renewed your ARRL dues else ware so we can keep the roster up to date.  Thank you for your support.

Folks interested in joining MATSU ARES, contact me at dbush@gci.net.  Our ARES website is located at www.kl7jft.org that has all our Emergency Operating Plans, SOP and other useful emergency information and the ARES application.  If you have completed any of the ICS courses, 100, 200, 700, 800, and 144 please send me a copy of your certificates.  Also if you are interested in the Army Mars  program, you can contact me or Ron/KL7YK for information and requirements.  Anyone interested in joining CERTS and getting training, contact Tabitha/KL4FZ.

This may be interesting you: 14 Essential Knots for Every Survival Situation You May Encounter! This is the link: http://www.survivaldispatch.com/14-essential-survival-knots/ — You never know when you will need to use a rope and if you do need it these knots become mighty important.

We have Emergency Coordinators for various areas around the borough.  Feel free to contact them to let them know you are available to assist during emergencies.  They can give YOU additional guidance for your area.  We due need a replacement for our Palmer EC, please contact Don/KL7JFT

MATSU Borough District Emergency Coordinator  Don Bush/KL7JFT

Trapper Creek & Petersville Area  Hal Morgan/KL0WX

Caswell Lake, Talkeentna & Willow  Mark Allan/KL2EC & Paul Williams KL7ES

Wasilla and Houston Area   Ray Hollenbeck/KL1IL

Palmer & Butte Area  VACANT

Sutton/Chickaloon  Lou Friend/KL4NK

2018 Sutton Emergency Preparedness Fair

Saturday, June 16 will be the Sutton Emergency Preparedness Fair.  We will be setting up both trailers.  This will be a dress rehearsal for the MARA Field Day.  We need folks to show up at the Sutton Library about 0900, tear down will be around 1600.  We will be training folks on tower installation, generator ops, beam and wire antennas, and equipment operations. This training will be critical for a good field day operation.  Please contact Don/KL7JFT if you can attend.



Hams Connecting Across the Air and Sea

During Field Day 2017, I learned a little bit of Palmer and ham radio history from Mayor Edna Devries. Then a few days later there was a post on Facebook by the granddaughter of of the ham.

In August of 1977, Edward Holmes, KL7HFX, who lived in Palmer, had contact with Mutsuhiro Ishiguro in Saroma, Japan and this led to the two cities becoming sister cities.


Additional information can be found at www.cityofpalmer.org/sistercityprogram


Field Day 2017

We had a great time!! We learned where our strengths are and what to work on this coming year!! Thank you to all those who attended!!! Thank you to those who helped set up and take down, stayed the whole time, presented wonderful classes, provided bbq items, mingled with the public and fellow hams, and made the day great!!!!