MARA Silent Keys

Nate Smith, KL7DJEJaspher Heath,KL7MDLogan Groomer, KL7EKI
Dale Heater, NL7JRobert Montella, W9CNSHarold W. Hitchen, KL7PG
David McCormick, WL7PEViolet E. Redington, KL7IOZPhillip Mannie, KL0QW
Milo M. Rousculp, NL7SAMichael Caughran, KL7RJudi Ramage, WL7DX
Milton H. Souter JR, KL7IPJAL Haynes, KL7HHRJason A. Karella, KL1DX
Connie Hummel, KL0KSMark J. Kelliher, KL7TQRichard (Dick) K. Voght, KL2KC
Vernon A, Henricksen, WL7JUFredrick (Rick) L. Marvin, KL7YFJulie Deiser, WL7BXM
Frank Hillier, KL7FBRJames D. Neil, KL1HKLen Betts, KL7LB
Gene Mockerman, KL7GIDRosemary K. Hanrath, KL7LARichard A. Moore, KL1QB
Norman F. Dietz, KL7IPARachel Rynyan, AL7FILydia A. Clay, KL7OT "BUDDY"
Gary R. Senesac, AL9AJohn J. Rogers KL7IERichard (Dick) Eastman, KL3TNT
Kent Mosher, KL7WTFBruce McCormick, KL7BMJake Warner, KL0UO
Mike Soltis, WL7BKNZeneth A. McCourry, N6CVVHap Wurlitzer, KL7UPS
Teddy Walden, KL1HYWayne Groomer, KL7HHOSteve Tolley, KL7FZ
Doug Dickinson, KL7IKXHarvey Whitehead, KL3RVWLou Friend, KL4NK
Mark Allan, KL2ECTom Gastrich, WJ8MNorman Wakeman, KL2PN
Jim Wardman, AL4W/N9RNLLouis McDanial, KL3QK 20 MAR 2024, Oklahoma City.Bob Lewellen, KL1VQ 8 MAY 2024, Wasilla, AK

ARRL did a nice article on Lyda A. Clay KL7OT or Buddy as she was known to us. Below are copies of the articles with links to them on the ARRL Site. The first one is from their site and the seccond one is from QST. You can click on the seccond one to enlarge or print is. If you click the link to the article on the QRZ site you will need to be an active ARRL member to log in and see it.


Centenarian, Alaska Women’s Hall of Fame Member Arlene “Buddy” Clay, KL7OT, SK


Arlene “Buddy” Clay, KL7OT, died on February 11. She was 103. An ARRL member, Clay was inducted into the Alaska Women’s Hall of Fame in 2015 for her work in rural justice administration among the Yup’ik people. She became a ham in 1948 and began calling the Thursday night Snipers Net for the Matanuska Amateur Radio Association, a duty she continued from her retirement community home until she died of a stroke.

In 1960, after having worked for years with her husband Earl, KL7EM, as an air traffic controller, she began a new career as a magistrate for the Alaska Court System, becoming responsible for 12 villages along the Kuskokwim, Yukon, and Iditarod rivers. She traveled from village to village by boat in the summer and by dog sled in the winter. In all, “Buddy” Clay spent nearly 70 years living in Alaska’s wilderness. She was profiled in the August 2013 issue of QST in the article "A Radio Voice in the Wilderness" by Brenda Plessinger, AL7LX.

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