Repeater Nets, VHF-FM
Sunday1930 hrs147.330 Mhz, Plus shift, 103.5hz ToneERC NetEmergency Response Communication Net
Monday1930 hrsDMR Net, AK Statewide TG 3102Homer NetGeneral DMR Discussion
Monday2000hrs147.120 Mhz Plus ShiftValley North NetContact: Mark KL2EC or Charlie AL7MR
Thursday1900hrs147.300 Mhz Plus Shift, 141.3hz ToneParka NetLadies net, but open to all HAMS, informal
Thursday 2000hrs147.330 Mhz Plus Shift, 103.5hz ToneARES NetThis is the main emergency VHF net. If anything requiring Ham support comes about (quake, fire, flood, civil unrest) this is the net to seek out. You do not have to belong to the ARES group to check in, There are 4 different Themes for each week which are Hand Held/Cross Band, Mobile, Red Cross and Emergency Power. The Theme is subject to change depending on Net Requirements So Listen for changes at the beginning of each NET. Alternate/backup NET Freq. is 147.30 + shift/141.3hz Tone
Simplex Nets
Sunday2000hrs146.43Mhz SimplexNo Repeater Net
Monday2000hrs146.54 Mhz SimplexWillow CERTs NetContact: Mark, KL2EC or Bryan, KL4A
Tuesday2000 hrs146.520 Mhz SimplexBig City Simplex NetBCSN starts out as 2 meters simplex, and goes to 70 centimers, 6 meters and packet, and sometimes 1.25 meters. Also, occasional drills can be expected.
Saturday2100 hrs144.200 Mhz / USBAlaska VHF-Up Groupvery informal
Packet Nets
Anytime147.960 Mhz / simplex 1200 baudPacket Peanut Gallery (PPG)Anytime another 2 meter net is in progress. Connect to “valley” and type “talk”.
Anytime145.01 Mhz / Simplex 1200 BaudAnytime another 2 meter net is in progress. Connect to “eagle” and type “talk”.
Anytime145.01 Mhz / Simplex 1200 BaudOpen Packet Network for South Central AK. Homer-Anchorage-MatsuLinks thru KL7ION-2, KL7AIR-7,KL7JFT-7,KL7GRM-7 (Some Nodes have BBS on -1)
Simplex Chat
National146.520 MhzMat-Su Valley146.430 Mhz
Anchorage146.490 MhzKenia Peninsula146.420 Mhz
HF Nets
Monday – Friday0830 hrs14.292 Mhz USBAlaska Pacific NetDirected Net
Monday2000 hrs3.920 Mhz LSBWillow CERTs NetOpen check in
Daily1800 hrs3.920 Mhz LSBAlaska Sniper’s NetDirected Net
Daily2000 hrs7.093 Mhz LSBAlaska Bush NetOpen check in
Daily2100 hrs3.933 Mhz LSBAlaska Motley Net Open check in
Sunday2030 hrs3.880 Mhs LSBAlaska ERC NetOpen check in
Monday – Friday1200 hrs3.920 Mhz LSBAlaska Old Timers NetOpen check in