MARA Hams of the Year Criteria

Ham of the Year


  • Has not won Ham of the Year in the previous five years.
  • Contributes to Amateur Radio in the past year
  • Attends club meetings as possible during the year
  • Provides assistance to other amateurs such as Elmering, becoming an active VE.
  • Helps prospective hams join the hobby with Elmering or answering questions on air
  • Assist other hams in setting up stations and towers
  • Participates in club activities with the community (Comex, Safety Fair, Public Events)
  • Participates in club activities such as field day, meeting presentations and maintaining trailers and club equipment
  • Participates on a personal level such as net control, contesting, activity on the air
  • Promotes Amateur Radio to the public
  • Must be a club member in good standing

The HOY Nomination Form is in the form section of the MARA web site.

Tim ComfortNL7SK2007
Don BushKL7JFT2008
John OrellaKL7LL2009
Tom RutiglianoNL7TZ2010
Jim WardmanAL4W2011
John CarringtonKL1XM2012
Carol BushKL2FA2013
Betty CarringtonKL1XL2014
Ray HollenbeckKL1IL2015
John MearsAL7LA2016
Shelia OlsonKL3SRO2017
Dick Eastman (SK)KL3TNT2018
Mark AllanKL2EC2019
Pam WhiteheadKL3PAM2020
Ken HudsonKL2HF2021
Scott McCormickKL7SLM2022
Craig BledsoeKL7H2023