Where’s Santa Quarterly Comex (Completed)

Jerry KL7EDK talked to us about using the RMS without connecting to the internet. Jerry has the only hybrid station in Alaska. If the internet is down, his RMs will attempt to forward the traffic automatically via HF to an RMS that has internet. If you are sending via VHF the RMS will hold the traffic for the intended station to pick it up. The forwarding may take about 20 mins. Another method which is the fastest is peer 2 peer and works the best in Alaska. Both stations need to be in peer 2 peer mode on the same frequency.

Radio does not use the internet but takes longer. Must be delivered to the station it is being sent to an RMS but is a more secure method. Jerry will put the RMS in HF forwarding mode for the exercise.

Dean KC7FWK in Delta is working on setting up a Hybrid station which would really be good for Alaska.

The article I sent a bit ago was presented on the call by Ralph in Cordova. Seems there is a clean area east of Cordova which rarely has earthquakes and they are watching it pretty closely because they are concerned it might generate a big quake.

December exercise is on the 11th from 0900 to 1400. Theme is tracking Santa.  We will be using our skills to learn how to send traffic outside of the internet.  Using Voice, CW, and Winlink P2P methods.  All the rules we have been working with will be observed.  Reference MARA Operating & Winlink SOP v6 found on the www.kl7jft.org ARES web site.

AL7N, KL7IDA and KL7ST are going to work on the CW traffic.  AL7N does traffic watch on 7113 and 3940 during the day and would love any kind of traffic to send out.

Linda AD4BL