THANKS for great hamfest

Thanks to so many for a great hamfest!! We had around 100 people throughout the day!! There was a BBQ from meat donated by Mr. Prime Beef, arranged and transported by TJ Morgan, KL3IT, and cooked by Dick Eastman, KL3TNT and his friend Jim Ruby, who brought his own grill. He is studying to be a ham. Plus lots of variety in the side dishes provided by attendees!!

Conditions were right for three satellite transmissions by Craig Bledsoe, KL4E!! There were also presentations and information provided by Craig, Dan O’Barr, KL7DR, Dale Hershberger, KL7XJ, John Lynn, KL7CY, and Mike O’Keefe, KL7MD. Dan would have had drone demonstrations but it was too windy.

It was great seeing everyone who made it!! We were able to surprise Richard Plack, KL7DY, with a token of our appreciation for his decades of service!! Thank you, Trish for helping get him to show up!!! He cut the gorgeous cake provided by Verda’s that showed the original MARA logo and the current one, along with MARA spelled in CW.

George Strother, KL7GS, was the lead VE for the license exam provided. His team of VEs consisted of Kathleen O’Keefe, KL7KO, Jim Wardman, AL4W, and Ken Hudson, KL2HF. Two people passed the technician exam and now have a couple new hams.

There were more than 30 door prizes worth varying amounts that were donated by several MARA club members and numerous businesses in the Valley, Eagle River, and Anchorage and these were gathered mostly by Betty Carrington, KL1XL and Don Bush, KL7JFT, with Mark Allen, KL4EC, and Tabitha Sherman, KL4FZ, Carol Bush, KL2FA, among many others. We gave multiple prizes out three times during the day. We also had a split the pot drawing and Wayne Groomer, KL7HHO won.

In our Country Store, there items for sale to include t-shirts and patches provided by Silvertip Design and decals supplied by Silvertip Signs!

I truly appreciate the willing teamwork I saw by several who showed up starting at 7:30am to help with getting everything set up, also helping others with carrying in their wares from their vehicles, the happy camaraderie throughout the day, the great deals, the wealth of information being shared, even fun times at the kids’ activity table with John Mears, AL7LA, and at the end of the day, the magnificent cleanup effort!!! We have a great ham radio family indeed!!

MARA, along with ARES, was paid great compliments by Jim Pace, K7CEX, the ARRL regional manager from Washington State, that attended and collaborated with Ray Hollenbeck, KL1IL, Alaska ARRL representative, on a presentation, and we were also complimented by the previous manager, Jim Larson, AL7FS, and he joined MARA while at the hamfest!!!

Pat yourselves on the backs!!! You all did a great job!!!

Pictures of the hamfest can be found on our Facebook page, MARA CLUB (KL7JFU).


Shelia Olson, KL3TP, MARA President