1000-1400, Operation: FALL RECOVERY.

Exercise Scenario

Due to the recent large storm in Alaska, and also to Hurricane Ian, we see there are large areas involved in recovery operations.  For this reason, it was decided that this exercise will deal with recovery issues, and logistical support messaging.

This means, transmissions regarding:

Food, water, blood, medical supplies, chain saws, generators, fuel, transportation, etc.

Clothing is not considered a logistical issue for the purposes of this exercise.

Modes of communication


Point to Point Winlink Messaging

Voice transmissions

The CW operations team / circuits will be active for this exercise.

All message traffic must be copied through KL7FJU (Thanks Jerry for the heads up on that)

I will need copies too, so I may request anything I don't get via the above method. You can send them to this email account if you prefer.

Section Protocols

  1. All messages begin with Exercise Exercise
    2. Messages are to be in radiogram or ICS format
    3. Copies of all messages need to be sent as described above
    4. We do Cross-Border Exercises because Alaska is so isolated we may need their help
    5. Primary RF is Winlink. Also can use CW and Voice
    6. If using other digital formats, must prearrange
    7. Any other formats but must prearrange
    8. We have two hubs for traffic, KL7EDK and KL7JFU
    9. All traffic needs to go thru one of the hubs and the messages to the "SEOC" need to go to KL7JFU
    10. We operate as a team. Each area is a team, like Juneau, Sitka, Fairbanks etc. Together they all make up a Section Team.
    11. If there is an emergency and a team is actuated, they need to notify the SEC so that the SEC is on hand in the event that that team needs Section support and beyond that cross border support.
  2. Please stick to the frequency plan. If you aren't where we can find you, there won't be much to communicate between us.

Section Managers

Section Manager
David Stevens

Section Emergency Coordinator
Todd Dokey

Section Traffic Manager
Ed Trump AL7N