The Section Exercise will be Dec 5 from 0900 to 1400

The scenario is to follow Santa as he travels across Alaska.  All modes will be allowed also relays.   We will use WinLink, voice, CW and any other method that works.   All messages will begin and end with EXERCISE, EXERCISE so we don't upset any folks who might see the messages.  Please use radiogram or ICS formats.

I would appreciate any messages being copied to my station when possible.  While this is a fun exercise it is also very important as we will be testing all our methods and links.  We will also have new amateurs on the system who might need your assistance.  We may also have new amateurs trying out new pieces of equipment.  This is a prototype for how we will operate in the event of an actual emergency.

KL7EDK AND KL7JFU will be the hubs.  All traffic intended for the SEOC will go to KL7JFU  - NO EXCEPTIONS.  KL7JFU will act as the SEOC and only the SEOC will have the authority to activate any military units so all requests for military assistance will need to go to KL7JFU.

All H/W traffic will go to the Special Opps group manned by AL7N either via CW or Winlink.  These can be real messages to friends and families.

If sending real traffic please write:  complete address, phone number, and email address and sign with your full name, callsign, and location so there is a better chance of getting them delivered.

If sending messages to "agencies" please write a complete address, phone number and email address and add your phone number and email address to your signature.

You may put messages that indicate that Santa needs assistance with the reindeer, sled etc.  Or Mrs. Claus needs to get a message to Santa somewhere along his route and include the message.  Keep it clean!!  We would appreciate weather forecasts and reports that Santa is likely to encounter or for the military should they need to be activated.  You might want to arrange a "filling station" for the reindeer along the route.  It will be a long ride.