Quarterly Statewide COMEX Snowmageden

The exercise will start Saturday at 0900 March 19th and run till 1400.  We will continue to train on Winlink and message handling.  Bushmaster Operations will be net control and the interface to the SEOC.  We use the standard Freq Plan ICS 205 found on the ARES Website, KL7JFT.org.

If you do not have Winlink operational yet, contact Don/KL7JFT and he will work assist in getting you operational.  In the interim we will have 147.33, 147.30, 146.85, and MATSU DMR 443.8 TS1 CC 1 TG 3102, SKY WARN Members can use the AK Skywarn TG.  3.920 MHZ will be the Guard Freq for Net Control. CW traffic will be monitored by Ed/AL7N on 3.940 or 7.113 MHZ our of Fairbanks.

Traffic Msg format for Supported Agencies will be via AK ICS 213, all other traffic will use the ARRL Message Format. Traffic can include weather reports, road reports, avalanche locations, health and welfare traffic.  Info all traffic to AD4BL/Linda, our AK SEC, also include "EXERCISE EXERCISE" in your subject lines of the message and voice comms.

Anyone who would like to assist at the Comm Center Contact Don/KL7JFT. If you would like to join ARES or SKYWARN, contact Don, also.