With the sunspot cycle climbing and propagation returning (slowly) it may be nearing the time to reactivate the QRP club.  These days we have Zoom and other options.  We used to have monthly meetings here in Anchorage but perhaps Zoom will be a better choice for now.

So…what could we do?  A few ideas…

  • Have Zoom meetings
  • Have show and tell time
  • Programs…short ones about antennas, propagation and building stuff plus more
  • Build kits together.  Start small and work up
  • Make QRP to QRP schedules with other Alaska QRPers
  • If needed make 100 watt contacts, too.  Depends on propagation.
  • Have monthly competitions for most miles per watt or for longest distance
  • Maybe, just maybe a CW net but nets get a bit onerous after a while.
  • Share websites, technical sites and other related materials.
  • Some of us might get on DMR to chat as well as Zoom.
  • Start up a mail reflector for Alaska QRP members.
  • Get my 10 meter QRP beacon back up and running.
  • Other ideas?

 I do have a paid Zoom account so these ideas could be implemented.

Your thoughts or ideas?  Feedback?

73, Jim, AL7FS


Jim Larsen


Anchorage Alaska