MARA's annual picnic will be held at the Lake Lucille Rec Area on the 17th of July at 1000, it will be in Pavilion A.   We will be having our usual Barbee, we need a grill and chief cook.  We ask folks to bring a side dish, MARA will supply the Dogs, Cow, Buns, Condiments and Water.  We will have door prizes.  There is a very large field and play ground, good for flying drones if you are interested. There is a great dog park that the dogs will enjoy running and playing. Those that have ordered coffee cups in the past please stop by and pay for them and pick the up.   If you are interested in a VE Session, contact Ken/KL2HF, other wise it will be the following Saturday.  Bring a chair and if bad weather a picnic cover.  We will have picnic tables in the Pavilion.

Map to Lake Lucille Park

2021 Motely Picnic

Motely Picnic for June planning is out. Larry/AL7LW reports:


Greetings, Amateur radio operators:

The 39th annual Alaska Motley Group picnic will be held at the Tolsona Wilderness Campground June 24th thru 27th.

The campground owners are now accepting reservations.  Look at the website ( ) and call or email now to reserve your space.

RV campsites are $30 per night for picnic attendees.  Inform the campground owners the size of your RV and that you will be there for the Motley Group picnic.

All campsites are along Tolsona creek and include electricity and water and there are showers, laundry and other amenities.

All Ham operators are welcome; tell your Ham friends.

Motley Group moderators are encouraged to "talk it up."  I would like to see 100 attendees; our record so far is 83.

Later this spring we will be distributing a picnic flyer outlining planned activities.

Larry, AL7LW