Quarterly State Wide Comex. “The Ides of March”

Our Comex held Saturday, 21 March was very successful.  We conducted training in P2P Winlink Operations.  Propagation was not that good, but that is were P2P helps.  We were able to relay traffic from SATURN in Calif to Fairbanks and down to the KL7JFT Comm Center to relay to the SEOC if required.  We had stations from Juneau, Valdez, Delta, North Pole, Fairbanks, Roberson River, Palmer and Wasilla check in and passed traffic. Bushmaster Operations was manned by KL7JFT, KL2FA, KL7KO, and KL7MO.  We had some satellite stations operating in place playing the role of different agencies as if we were deployed there to assist.  Thanks everyone for their assistance.



Again another successful operation 4,5,6 March, supporting the MSD Tech Expo.  We had approximately 1500 plus students and families from all the schools represented come thru the Comm Center.  We conducted almost every type, mode, and equipment demonstrations that our used by hams, including voice, digital HF and VHF, DMR, checking into nets, APRS, Packet.  Everything went out by RF systems from the trailer, including DMR thru the local repeaters.  Pictures were displayed of our various operations and training we conduct.  We had a few of the parents interested in coming to our upcoming Tech Class in April.  Winlink messages were sent to cell phones and texting via APRS.  We were so popular the school district asked us to return next year.  We conducted training for our folks that attended and thanks to Betty/KL1XL for keeping up with the kids on the brochure table and discussing our various programs with all that came by.