2018 VHF Contest

There will be a VHF Contest being held on Saturday June 9th 2018. There will be folks up on various VHF frequencies. Home stations and rovers will be around the state trying to make contacts. The rover route for the Hune VHF Contest is still on.

From Brandon KL7SBC

For my first time roving here I’m planning to go from
just outside of Soldotna, up through Anchorage, and then to the Talkeetna area on the first day.
One of my stops on day one will be at the Mount Baldy trailhead, from which I have reached Ed with 5 watts and a whip antenna on two meters. I should be able to hear all the way down into the peninsula, and all the way up past the valley, so keep an ear on the FM and sideband calling frequencies if you’re around on that day. I decided to also go ahead and push up to Fairbanks on Sunday of the contest. If you know of any operators up in that area please pass the word along that I will be coming in to radio range sometime in the morning and early afternoon. I still have to wrap up building my gain antennas and then get them mounted
on the truck, but everything should be ready before the contest. I’m planning to operate on 2M, 6M, and 70 cm for this run. I had hoped to also run gear on 220, but wasn’t able to pull everything together in time.
If you’re interested in making a few contacts don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail. Also, don’t forget that as a Rover you can reach me from more than one place for credit. If I contacted you and one grid square you can
contact me again in a different grid square and it is good to go for the rules.

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